Fine Jewellery for Luxurious Lifestyle



Accessible Jewellery for a Fashion-Forward Statement

AuTiC, a pioneer in crafting accessible luxury and aesthetic brilliance, takes pride in offering gender bending opulence that transcends traditional boundaries. Our commitment lies in redefining essentials for the fashion-forward, eco-conscious individual through conscious, minimal, and gender-bending jewellery.

Everyday Fine Jewellery

AuTiC leads the way in creating a quiet fashion luxury experience, seamlessly blending style and values. We specialize in crafting everyday fine jewellery and pieces using the finest quality titanium, recycled gold, and lab-grown diamonds, ensuring each creation reflects the pinnacle of elegance.

The AuTiC Legacy of Accessible Luxury and Sustainable Glamour

At AuTiC, our fashion-forward designs draw inspiration from a visionary quest to establish the benchmark for accessible luxury in the world of jewellery. Serving as the premier choice for our fashion-forward designs trace their origins, embodying a vision to set the accessible sustainable jewellery standard, AuTiC stands as the first choice for eco-friendly & fashion forward jewellery enthusiasts, offering a range of minimalist accessories that contribute to a conscious, minimal, and gender-bending jewellery. Positioned as an uber-chic option for Gen-C, the generation that cares, our pieces align seamlessly with a lifestyle that values both style and luxury.

From matte-finished rings to subtly chic titanium pendants, each piece in AuTiC’s collection is a gender-bending ode to unconventionality, resonating with the world of high-fashion accessories.

Our Collection

Welcome to AuTiC, where each piece is a testament to accessible luxury and aesthetic brilliance. Our collection is crafted to embody the epitome of Slow fashion fine jewellery , defining the essentials for luxury jewellery. Let's explore the world of conscious, minimal, and gender-bending jewellery, a world where a quiet fashion luxury reigns supreme.

Pendants: Subtle Statements of Extravagant Style

Make a statement of extravagance with AuTiC's titanium, recycled gold, and lab-grown diamond pendants, each a subtle masterpiece embodying refined fashion for your everyday allure. Experience unmatched style and comfort as you adorn yourself with these gender-bending accessories that redefine elegance with subtle statements.

Embrace Elegance with AuTiC

At AuTiC, we pride ourselves on curating a jewellery pendant that goes beyond traditional boundaries. Our commitment to fashion forward elegance is evident in every piece, sourced and produced to uphold the highest standards of sophistication, ensuring a symbol of luxurious refinement.

Choosing AuTiC goes beyond mere aesthetics, it's a conscious decision to forge a deeper connection with and a commitment to enjoying life's luxuries. Our collection signifies a celebration of refined taste, allowing you to wear each piece with pride, a testament to your dedication to a life of magnificent extravagance.

Indulge in the allure of fine jewellery through AuTiC's captivating designs. Join the movement towards a world where accessible luxury, aesthetic brilliance, and slow fashion opulence converge effortlessly. Embark on a journey of self-expression and start shopping now to add the perfect piece to your collection of minimalist, gender-bending, and consciously curated jewellery. Elevate your style with AuTiC, where every piece is a manifestation of opulent jewellery and refined taste.


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