Our Story

At AuTiC, our journey is more than a brand, it's a narrative crafted with passion, purpose, and a commitment to redefine the standards of new age luxury.

AuTiC was born from a collective desire to democratize the world of high fashion and luxury. In a world where elegance often felt exclusive, we embarked on a mission to make luxury; more everyday where our accessories become a part of everyday wear. Our story began with the belief that fine and sustainable jewellery shouldn't be confined to a select few, it should be within reach, adorning the lives of those who appreciate the fusion of luxury and eco-consciousness.

Driven by a dedication to high fashion, we curate collections that transcend the ordinary, embracing the avant-garde and celebrating the individuality of each wearer. AuTiC is not just a brand, it's a canvas where fashion-forward expression meets the pulse of contemporary style.

More than a brand, AuTiC is an experience, an invitation to join a movement towards a conscious, minimal, and sustainable approach to accessories. Each piece tells a story of refined taste, a celebration of the essentials that redefine elegance in the modern world.

As you explore our collections, delve into the essence of AuTiC, a story woven with threads of luxury, aesthetic brilliance, and a commitment to rewriting the narrative of high fashion for everyone.

Everyday High Fashion Elegance

Step into a world where high fashion meets daily lifestyle. Our accessories are a flawless blend of luxury and aesthetic brilliance. We bring you pieces that exude contemporary elegance, boasting premium quality and exquisite craftsmanship. Experience the allure of refined aesthetics without compromise.

Crafting Timeless Narratives with a Modern Twist

In the fusion of old-world charm and modern narratives, our accessories become a testament to sustainable elegance. We offer a diverse selection that not only embraces sustainability but also is made for the person who believes in the style of here and now. Each piece is crafted with an eco-conscious touch, ensuring it can be cherished everyday.

Eco-Chic Resurgence Unveiled

In the world of high fashion accessories, a gradual renaissance is taking centre stage, and we proudly lead the avant-garde charge towards conscious opulence. Elevate your style quotient that’s a haven for avant-garde accessories precisely crafted from durable and sustainable materials. Here, we champion the ethos of mindful materialism, transforming the slow renaissance into a world of slow fashion luxury.

Unveiling an Iconic Fusion: Recycled Gold Inlay, Lab-Grown Diamonds and Aerospace Grade Titanium

As the pulse of high fashion accessories quicken, we unveil a paradigm where everyday luxuryand aesthetic brilliance intertwine seamlessly. At the heart of this resurgence is aerospace grade titanium, our innovative choice that not only pushes the boundaries of fine fashion but also places sustainability at the forefront of style without compromising on luxury.
Our collection redefines grandeur with a trifecta of exceptional elements, Recycled Gold, Lab-Grown Diamonds, and Aersopace Grade Titanium, a fusion that goes beyond the ordinary, turning every piece into an emblem of modern sophistication. No longer bound by traditional norms, our hero trio takes center stage, each element contributing to an exquisite narrative.
Lab-Grown Diamonds, the epitome of innovation, adds brilliance without compromise. Each Lab-Grown Diamond sparkles with the same intensity as its mined counterparts, promising a level of brilliance that is nothing short of extraordinary. By choosing these diamonds, you not only adorn yourself with timeless beauty but also contribute to a sustainable future.
As for Aerospace Grade Titanium, it's not just an accessory, it's an embodiment of minimalism and accessibility. Together, these three elements redefine the landscape of high fashion accessories, inviting you to join a revolution where every piece is a conscious statement.


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