Essentials Collection

The Style Resurgence

Revolutionizing the idea of a luxury accessory through fashion forward statements.

Wardrobe Revolution

A groundbreaking fusion of aerospace grade titanium, recycled gold inlay, and lab-grown diamonds, the world's premier blend, crafting a luxurious, slow fashion opulence.

Innovative Adornments

Accessories that are a visionary merger of style and sustainability, defining the essentials for a fashion-forward, eco-conscious allure.

Autograph Collection

A hyper personalized collection where you can show off your signature in gold or make it a lux gift for your loved one with their name engraved on our ring.

Aura Collection

An array of lux accessories meant for your AM-PM looks.

Our Promise

Minimal, Quiet and Conscious Luxury

Our commitment goes beyond mere adornment, it's a luxurious, minimal, and gender-bending movement. A movement meant for the Gen-C- a conscious generation that looks for a touch of hand crafted style and redefined, unique luxury. It's a community that prioritizes looking sleek, stylish and luxurious in their everyday look. We provide a curated collection of accessories that cater to the desires of those who seek everyday high fashion. Our offerings are more than just accessories, they are a reflection of your distinctive style. Come along and discover a world where style converges seamlessly with a luxurious lifestyle, creating a unique fashion experience tailored for the Gen-C community. Welcome to a space where looking fashionable and staying practical is not just a choice but a way of life.


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