Jewellery Beyond Gender: Is India ready for a non-gendered jewellery acceptance?


We are the internet. 

We are the people of the internet. 
And right about now - we’re witnessing a social revolution. We're all about breaking down barriers and embracing diversity. The people of the internet are loud and proud. And we find ways to express that in all our decisions - in what we do, how we talk and even what we wear. Jewellery is no exception. At the beginning of this revolution, we rejected the binaries of the world that put us into obscure buckets. And now, we, at AuTiC are about to do the same with our jewellery. 
We all know India's got this incredible mix of traditions and cultures. And jewellery? It's a big part of that. But here's the thing: as times change, so do our ideas about gender and expression. We get that. Our jewellery is not about fitting into some old-fashioned mould. It's about celebrating who you are, no matter your gender.
In a world where boundaries are increasingly blurred and individual expression is celebrated, the realm of fashion has become a powerful vehicle for self-identification and liberation. The concept of non-gendered jewellery isn't about erasing distinctions; rather, it's about expanding the definition of what jewellery can be and who can wear it. It's about recognizing that personal style transcends traditional notions of masculinity and femininity. By breaking free from these constraints, individuals are empowered to choose pieces that resonate with their unique sense of self, regardless of societal expectations.


So, why do we think India's ready for this change? 


Simple. We're all about breaking stereotypes and celebrating diversity. From social media to everyday conversations, we're seeing more and more people speak up for inclusivity. And that includes what we wear. You can rock our pieces no matter who you are or how you identify.
But here's the real kicker: non-gendered jewelry isn't just about being trendy. It's about making a statement. It's about saying, "Hey, I'm here, and I'm proud of who I am." Whether it's a simple necklace or a bold ring, jewelry is a way to express yourself without saying a word.Of letting people know that you’re not afraid to take space. And that you won’t bow down to a society that tells you to hide your true self. 
And let's not forget the fashion industry. By ditching those old gender norms, we are shaking things up in all the best ways. We’re opening doors for creativity and making fashion more inclusive for everyone. And who wouldn't want to be a part of that?
Of course, the journey towards widespread acceptance of non-gendered jewellery won't happen overnight. It requires a shift in mindset and a willingness to challenge entrenched beliefs. It requires us to make changes - both big and small. 
To sit and ponder about little decisions - who are our models? What do they look like? How are our designs? Are we unintentionally making them for one gender and not the other? 
All of these are questions that we at AuTiC battle with everyday. With every decision we take for our brand - whether it be our content choices, the people we collaborate with or the designs we create - all our efforts are geared towards making our brand more inclusive in every way possible. 
 And that’s the point of this movement of the people. The seeds of this movement have already been sown, with brands like ours leading the way by creating collections that defy gender norms. 
So, what's the bottom line? Gender-neutral jewellery isn't just a trend – it's a part of a larger movement. It's about celebrating individuality and breaking down barriers. And with conscious choices in what we wear to what we tweet, we're one step closer to a world where everyone can shine, regardless of gender or identity. 
So go ahead, wear that necklace or bracelet that speaks to you. After all, being yourself can never go wrong. 
As we move towards a more inclusive future, let us adorn ourselves not with labels, but with the freedom to be authentically, unapologetically ourselves. And that will be a true win. 
A win of the people. 
A win of the internet.

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